Baize Attended 2023 Beijing Building Material Exhibition

During March 19th to 22nd, Baize participated in Beijing Building Material Exhibition. We became a bright spot in the exhibition with our innovation, research and development strength, as well as its overall competitiveness at the forefront of the industry. At the exhibition, our unique product design attracted the attention of many exhibitors and customers showed great interest in our products, particularly the ASA co-extrusion outdoor products. We communicated and negotiated with clients from all over the world, listened to other’s opinion, which can accumulate experience for future product development.


Baize is a reputed trader of WPC decorative materials. The products that we make are resistant to moisture and insects, easy to maintain and have a longer lifespan. We operate in a wide range of businesses, using advanced technology and high quality raw materials to meet the highest standards.

Through this exhibition, we have further improved our brand influence and enhanced our brand reputation.


Post time: May-09-2023