Can plastic wood flooring be installed directly on the lawn?

The clip design of the wood plastic DIY splicing floor is easier to install. When renovating the outdoor space, you may wonder whether the floor can be installed directly on the lawn. If so, this article will answer this question.


DIY plastic wood flooring cannot be laid directly on the grass. The grass is not a dry area. After the rain, the moisture will be on the grass. The water cannot be drained from the bottom, and direct contact with the floor will damage the floor. The floor on the grass is also not conducive to air circulation, and the lack of airflow will also cause mold and bacteria to grow on the tiles. On the other hand, grass may grow in the gaps between the plastic wood flooring, and the floor will also affect the sunlight on the grass, causing the grass to dry or die.

In addition, the bottom of the wood plastic floor tile adopts a high-strength plastic interlocking frame. It is best to install them on a hard and flat surface. Placing them on soft grass is not stable, and it will cause the floor to become uneven or damaged over time.

There are some ways to install it on the lawn. You can first lay cement, concrete or ceramic tiles on a flat surface, without moisture, with sufficient drainage and airflow, and then put the wood plastic floor tiles on it.

Post time: Jun-06-2024