What are the advantages of ASA co-extrusion outdoor wallboard

ASA co-extrusion outdoor wallboard series products with its excellent concave and convex geometric decoration and wood to human kind of warm natural harmony of the affinity, conquer every first contact with ecological wood buyers, there are few similar products in the market to compete with it. Regardless of the decoration function, wood texture, installation and processing simplicity, the series is still waterproof, anti-mildew, flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection and other functions are at the level, and most of its competitors are made of wood powder and adhesives (such as glue) by external printing, pasting wood grain paper and other external treatment methods. As a result, the appearance of our products is relatively stiff, lack of wood, easy to fade, can not be used in wet environment and the product itself contains harmful ingredients and other shortcomings. These shortcomings are not possessed by ecological wood, therefore, the market competitive advantage of this series of ecological wood products is appropriately obvious.


1,ASA co-extruded outdoor wallboard products have the same processing performance as logs, can be nailed, drilled, planed, sticky, smooth and delicate surface, no sanding and painting, its paint adhesion is good, can also be painted according to personal preferences.

2,ASA co-extruded outdoor wallboard products abandon the natural defects of wood, such as cracking, warping, color difference, etc., so there is no need for regular maintenance.

3,ASA co-extruding outdoor wallboard products unique technology can cope with a variety of specifications, sizes, shapes, thickness and other requirements, which also includes providing a variety of designs, colors and wood grain of the finished product, without grinding, painting, reduce the cost of later costs, to give customers more choices.

4,ASA co-extruded outdoor wallboard products with fire, waterproof, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, not eaten by insects, not long fungi, acid and alkali resistance, harmless, pollution-free and other excellent performance.

5,ASA co-extruded outdoor wallboard products have long service life, can be thermoformed, high strength, energy saving.

6,ASA coextruded outdoor wallboard products are strong, light weight, heat preservation, smooth and flat surface, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances, harmless, pollution-free.

Post time: Apr-15-2024