WPC ASA Co-extrusion Exterior Wall Cladding

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Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) wall cladding is a revolutionary building material that combines the aesthetics of wood with the durability and low-maintenance of synthetic materials. This sustainable and eco-friendly solution is becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial constructions due to its numerous benefits.


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Firstly, WPC wall cladding is an excellent choice for residential applications, as it provides an attractive and durable exterior finish for homes. With a wide range of colors, textures, and designs available, homeowners can achieve a customized look that complements the architectural style of their home. Additionally, WPC cladding requires minimal upkeep, as it is resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. The material's insulation properties also help regulate indoor temperatures, thus enhancing energy efficiency and reducing utility costs.

In commercial settings, WPC wall cladding is a popular choice for offices, retail spaces, and hospitality establishments due to its stylish appearance and long-lasting performance. The material's resistance to environmental factors such as UV radiation, moisture, and temperature fluctuations make it ideal for demanding environments. Its low-maintenance nature allows businesses to focus on their core operations, rather than worrying about the upkeep of their premises. Moreover, WPC cladding can be easily installed over existing structures, making it a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for renovations and refurbishments.

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WPC wall cladding also proves valuable in public facilities, such as schools, hospitals, and transportation hubs. Its durability and low-maintenance requirements ensure that these buildings remain in good condition for extended periods, minimizing the need for costly repairs and maintenance. Furthermore, WPC cladding contributes to a healthier indoor environment by reducing the growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to respiratory issues and other health concerns.

Lastly, WPC wall cladding is an ideal choice for sustainable construction projects. The material is made from recycled wood fibers and plastic, diverting waste from landfills and reducing the demand for virgin materials. Additionally, WPC cladding is manufactured using energy-efficient processes and can be easily recycled at the end of its life cycle.

In conclusion, WPC wall cladding is a versatile, durable, and low-maintenance building material that offers numerous benefits in various applications. Its aesthetic appeal, eco-friendly nature, and ease of installation make it a popular choice for residential, commercial, and public construction projects alike.

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Product name ASA Co-extrusion Wall Cladding
Size 100mm x 17mm
Features Wood texture
Material Wood Flour (wood flour is mainly poplar flour)
Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA)
Additives (antioxidants, colorants, lubricants, UV stabilizers, etc.)
Color Wood;Red;Blue;Yellow;Grey;Or customized.
Service life 30+ Years
Characteristics 1.ECO-friendly, nature wood grain texture and touch
2.UV & fade resistance, high density,durable use
3.Suitable from -40℃ to 60 ℃
4.No painting ,NO glue, low maintenance cost
5.Easy to install & low labor cost
The differences between wpc and wood materials:
Characteristics WPC Wood
Service life More than 10 years Annual maintenance
Prevent termite erosion Yes No
Anti-mildew ability High Low
Acid and alkali resistance High Low
Anti-aging ability High Low
Painting No Yes
Cleaning Easy General
Maintenance cost No maintenance,Low cost High
Recyclable 100% recyclable Basically not recyclable

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