Hollow Crack-Resistant Co-Extrusion WPC Decking

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Baize WPC Co-extrusion Decking is extruded from wood fiber and resin and a small amount of polymer materials. Its physical appearance has the characteristics of solid wood, but it also has the characteristics of waterproof, moth-proof, anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, etc. Modifiers such as light and heat stabilizers, anti-ultraviolet and low-temperature impact resistance, make the product have strong weather resistance, aging resistance and anti-ultraviolet performance.



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Baize is a professional enterprise in the line of the Wood Plastic Composite industry, and located in Linyi, Shandong, China. After several years of steady growing, Baize has become the leader in the field of WPC industry of China. There are over 90 countries and regions enjoying our WPC products.

We have experienced staff, various products, broad market, professional team, which make that we can meet your requirements it is possible.



Item Name Baize WPC Co-extrusion Outdoor Decking
Color Black, Teak, Walnut, Rosewood, Redwood, Coffee, Steel Gey, Maple, or customized
Size 138×23 / 100×22 / 140×25 / 142×21 / 140×23mm
Pattern Wood Grain
Surface Sanding, Embossing, Brushing
Profile Hollow
Water Absorption Less than 2%


Since this product is manufactured by extrusion process, the color, size and shape of the product can be controlled according to needs, so as to truly realize on-demand customization, minimize the use cost and save forest resources.

And because both wood fiber and resin can be recycled and reused, it is a truly sustainable emerging industry. The high-quality ecological wood material can effectively remove the natural defects of natural wood, and has the functions of waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosion and termite prevention.


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